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From: Jochen Zaechsmar & Mazdak Radjainia
_: 6
Date: 15-11-12
Time: 11:59


Hi Wade: I have just finished a whale disentanglement course together with Ingrid Visser and others. Really, really interesting. With humpback whale numbers slowly increasing, this will probably become a bigger issue in the future. David Coughran who was teaching the course said that there had been 27 entanglements in Australia this season alone!

I asked my friend Mazdac Radjainia to send you his photos as I was driving the boat that day and didn't get any good shots.

Yes, it's fantastic to see more of these amazing creatures. I wonder if it's to do with us having a 'normal' spring for the first time in a few years.


Jochen Zaeschma

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